What it costs

Consultation with the Sustainable Digital Scholarship (SDS) service is free. We’re happy to offer advice on how and where to publish and store the digital outputs of your research, as well as key considerations on how to structure your research.

If you have completed the funded stage of your project, or are currently working within the funding period, we are willing to host and migrate your data for free. Please note however, it is possible that in some cases we may be unable to offer support for free, if data storage requirements are particularly large, or the requirements of the project are very complex. 

We ask projects yet to apply for funding, to contribute to the costs of running the SDS service (our sample costs for research projects can be seen below). We aim to be highly competitive, and our fees only reflect our staff and hosting costs. Using the SDS platform as a repository for your data avoids any costs for building or hosting your own database or data repository.  

For an accurate quote for your research project, please get in touch with us or contact your research facilitator.