Meet the team

SDS Senior Governance

Digital Humanities Sustainability (DHS) Project Board

The Digital Humanities Sustainability (DHS) Project Board is responsible for the overall management of and strategic operational direction of the SDS service. The DHS Project Board provided oversight and support for the creation and launch of SDS, and its members continue to play a vital role to its progress. 




Jonathan Prag Academic Sponsor
Jacob Dahl Academic Sponsor
Michele Warren Business Sponsor
David De Roure Academic Director of DiSc
Megan Gooch SDS Business & Service Owner
Vacant SDS Service Delivery Manager
Mark McKerracher SDS Product Manager & Migrations Lead
Andy Davies Technical Advisor
Damon Strange Project Manager (Secretary)

Sustainable Digital Scholarship (SDS) Programme Board

The Sustainable Digital Scholarship (SDS) Programme Board, with representation from across the University, brings together a wider group of stakeholders offering governance and support to ITS905 – SDS Programme and Expansion Project. This group will play a vital role in shaping the Future of SDS, with there being a likely expectation that once the Programme and Expansion Project is concluded, this group would be reconstituted into a Steering Group for the service.     


Name Role
Jonathan Prag SDS Programme Sponsor
Jacob Dahl Humanities Academic Representative
Bernie Hogan Social Sciences Academic Representative
David De Roure Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Academic Representative
Brian Marsden Medical Sciences Academic Representative
Amy Warner May Gardens, Libraries and Museums Representative
Michael Fraser IT Services Representative
Mike Hutchinson Research Programme Manager
Michele Warren Business Sponsor
Megan Gooch SDS Business & Service Owner
Vacant SDS Service Delivery Manager
Andy Davies ITSS Representative
Edward Rendel ITSS Representative
Gavin Ahern SDS Expansion Project Manager
Damon Strange Programme Manager (Secretary)