Linking the Textual Worlds of Chinese Court Theatre, ca. 1600-1800

Document with Chinese characters.

TEXTCOURT: Linking the Textual Worlds of Chinese Court Theatre, ca. 1600-1800, led by Professor Tian Yuan Tan (Principal Investigator), is a five-year research project funded by the European Research Council (ERC).  

This project aims to build the first digital archive of Chinese court drama scripts and related foreign records to remedy the lack of textual studies on Chinese court theatre. It will use its digital archive to trace internal links between scripts in the textual web of court drama; draw external links to individuals, occasions, and artefacts; and consider cross-cultural links to situate Chinese court drama in its global context.

In addition to ensuring the project's research outputs remain safe and accessible long into the future, the Sustainable Digital Scholarship (SDS) service was able to assist the project team in creating links between the drama scripts records and foreign records hosted on SDS platform. 

We have had a wonderful experience working with the SDS team. The team has designed the most efficient workflow and prioritized the needs of the project. With the team's help, several hundred drama scripts and envoys' records, originally scattered around the world, are gathered and made accessible on the SDS platform.

Dr Ming Tak Ted Hui 許明德

Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Oxford