Seeking participants for website user testing

Our ITS1020 project colleagues are looking for researchers and research administrators to participate in user testing of two websites: Research Data Oxford, plus a new version of the Open Access Oxford site. 
Participants will meet with an external consultant via videoconference. The test does not involve technical questions, and it is not a test of your knowledge or skills: it is about understanding how the websites help (or hinder) researchers and research support staff in their work. It doesn’t matter if you have little or no experience of Open Access and/or research data management: it’s important to get feedback from people who are new to the topics as well as those with more expertise.
The aims of the tests are to: 
1.    Understand what users want and what’s needed in order for them to meet RDM/OA obligations
2.    Determine how well the websites fit into established workflows 
3.    Consider and prioritise enhancements to the websites to improve the user experience
The user testing sessions will be recorded, and these recordings will be securely stored for a reasonable time by the Bodleian Libraries for future reference to support website improvements.
When is this happening?
There are two rounds of user testing:
1.    1st round in September 2023 
2.    2nd round in November 2023
You will be needed for one round of user testing only - i.e. September OR November, at a time convenient for you. The testing session will take a maximum of 90 minutes to cover both websites.
If you are interested in participating, please email Tony Langley at