Pre-existing Research Projects / Data Collections 

If you have a pre-existing research project or collection of research data that you would like to deposit on the Sustainable Digital Scholarship (SDS) platform, please do get in touch:

The complexity of the project will determine how suitable the SDS platform will be as a home for this data and the level of support needed. The SDS platform should be able to support most of the digital outputs of research projects, providing a long-term home for whatever data your research produces, in almost any format. We appreciate that every project is different.

Depending on the nature of the pre-existing project, it may not be possible to reproduce all the features of a pre-existing database or website, but we will work with you to replicate the current functionality of your project as closely as possible. It is important to note that the SDS platform is not a relational database and therefore is not able to replicate all of the interactions and user experiences of one. Functionality is continually improving, however, and we are actively working with our service provider, Figshare. 

Migrating a pre-existing collection of research data to the SDS platform is generally a managed service provided by the SDS service. Once a project or collection has been scoped by the team and the researcher is happy to proceed with a migration, the project will be added to our migration pipeline and scheduled to fit the availability of all the parties involved in the process.   

Our ambition is to be able to offer data storage to projects that wish to migrate onto the SDS platform at no cost to the researcher. However, where data collections are extremely complex or require a significantly large amount of storage, we may need to discuss options for covering or contributing towards the costs of migrating and hosting this material.

We’d love to hear from you if you have any further questions or an interest in using the SDS platform for your research. 

We are happy to offer advice on how to support your project’s digital sustainability even if it turns out that the SDS platform will not be suitable for you. The Research Data Oxford webpages also provide useful information on the other research data support services available at Oxford.