New Digital Research Projects or Data Collections

The SDS platform is ideal as a place to store research data for ongoing projects. If you want to collaborate, publish your research, or store it for long-term access and impact, you can host your data collection on our SDS platform.  

An initial consultation will take place between a researcher (and their team) and the SDS service to help us understand the research project and your data management goals. Together, we can explore how the SDS platform can host your data collection.  

If you are planning a grant application, please get in touch to discuss what costs you will need to include to help support the service’s costs. If you would like to find out more do get in touch with us to discuss further.  

Once the research project team is ready to go, the SDS service team will help to provide initial set-up on the SDS platform. This will include: 

  • creating your “collection” on the SDS platform 
  • defining your project structure  
  • defining your custom metadata and file tagging process 
  • training your team in how to use the service to upload your information
  • assistance with bulk migration of data 

After this initial set-up and training period, we expect that most research project teams should be fairly self-sufficient in using the platform. The SDS service team can support requests for general troubleshooting. More complex updates to the SDS platform or technical assistance may require additional staff time and funding. 

We do not believe that the amount we will ask you to include in your research grant budget to be excessive to use this service. We ask only that hosting costs are covered for your project during the period of your grant funding, after which the SDS service commits to maintain your research data. An upfront payment for a limited number of years of storage on the platform effectively buys a lifetime of security, and tenure on a sustainability platform operated by the University. 

The University’s X5 system can be used to estimate the budget required from a research grant to cover the cost of using the SDS platform. You can discuss your requirements with the SDS service team or your Research Facilitation team to get an accurate quote for your research project.