Individual Researchers

Individual researchers can request an account on the SDS platform, where they can store and share their research data, and collaborate on a personal level. 

Access requests are made on a ‘Self Service’ basis, using the University of Oxford Single Sign On (SSO) - access the SDS platform to create your account now.

Please read our terms of use before using the SDS platform.

The SDS service automatically provides individual researchers with a free 15GB storage allowance. If you get close to exceeding this initial 15GB allowance, it is possible to submit a request for additional storage within the SDS platform admin console. The SDS service reserves the right in the future to introduce a charge for excessive storage demands, though this would be communicated in advance and no charge would be requested without a discussion first. 

The SDS platform is provided by Figshare, and further helpful technical support and guidance can be found on the Figshare Knowledgebase website.  

We also have a selection of recorded training videos available, to help provide an overview of how the SDS platform can be used and managed.    

If you require any further support or information you can contact the SDS team, who would be more than happy to help you with any queries you have. Alternatively, your Faculty IT Support Team may also be able to provide support.